Feed-backs from an unsuccessful Manager

I am fascinated by the world of social networks, where people can invent fantastic lives that are not their own!

In professional networks, all this creativity is unfortunately used exclusively in the drafting of Curricula, which make us all look like exceptional profiles.

When it comes to being able to freely express all our creativity to show what we know how to do, to tell stories, to give advice or simply opinions, we are blocked!

All that comes out of the keyboard are then institutional announcements and recipes to make a fortune or how to manage the corporate teams according to American billionaires, whose experience is light years away from mine and from that of those I have known in the world of work.

Agree be inventive and creative, but none of us will ever be Richard Branson or Bill Gates.

However, it is a kind of “conventional language”, which probably reassures most users to copy and paste it repeatedly with great satisfaction.

In this world of successful Managers, at ease, I am therefore an unsuccessful Manager, at unease who has also learned lessons and wants to share them!

The experiences I want to tell are those of “normal” people  …… but at the same time original and true ….. even making fun of those who confuse monumental banality with pearls of wisdom:

“Your employees will be happier if you greet them when you get to work than if you send them all away…”. Well, yes…… it’s hard not to agree…. and not to copy – paste enthusiastically when it’s your boss who has given birth to this beautiful reflection!