I have always thought that it is unlikely we are all geniuses in this world.

But then you read Linkedin and you start changing your mind.

Everybody seems to know it better and is willing to share the ultimate secret of their success… I wonder how some still manage to not have any.

So, tired of the philosophy in pills framed against the backdrop of a serious close-up of successful Managers which haunts social networks:

I am rather interested in learning the original, true and certainly no less interesting lessons, of unsuccessful Managers (like me).

Videos, posts, books, irony… all, definitely, politically incorrect.

Feedbacks in 3 Languages (those I can speak, understand and write… that’s a start…): that’s why F3L.

F also as “Football”, passionate as I am of the greatest team in the world, and “Finance” that I try, in vain, to explain to my mother-in-law…

On the site you will find 3 main sections:

  • experiences seen through the eyes of an unsuccessful manager,
  • the books I wrote (and nobody read)
  • lots of BS.