“Cristiano Ronaldo and Corporate Finance disclosed to my mother-in-law” – An unsuccessful book

When I heard about the arrival of CR7 to Juventus, all those notions of Finance that I get from my studies at Bocconi and HEC and that I applied for twenty years in my profession without any emotional involvement, seemed clearer to me, wrapped in a beam of mystical light that emanated from a beautiful haloed face. That of Cristiano Ronaldo.

This book is aimed for those who have always wanted to know a little more about Corporate Finance but have never dared to ask for and summarize an original training for non-financials that I have been offering for more than ten years to all my colleagues who wish to.

In addition to a politically incorrect language and a shameless football factiousness, I use a pleasant, playful and ironic way of communicating, which, I am aware, makes it even more difficult for the real workaholic manager to understand the subject.

Unfortunately I have not translated this book in English yet… I mean I wrote it in italian, translated into french (which cost me a fortune, by the way) you don’t expect I give you the english version as well.

In case you are really interested in reading this book, you can easily learn italian or french and buy it on Amazon…