The 10 Instagram rules that revolutionized communication on Linkedin: interview with the character of Buddy Kane, the “American Beauty” king of real estate

M: Buddy, thanks for coming on here to talk about how LinkedIn has become the Instagram of professionals.

Filters, lighting tricks, fake backgrounds, fake contacts… anything to make it look like a reality that doesn’t exist.

You have established the cornerstone of this change with the motto “in order to be SUCCESSFUL, one must project an image of SUCCESS at all times”, but can you tell us what are the rules to be respected for an effective communication on LinkedIn today?

B: Sure Michele, thanks for inviting me: for you and all your readers I will reveal below the secrets to make the most of this platform.

  1. SELL: If you have nothing to sell, use Tik Tok.
  2. MANTRA: The image of success is transmitted by simply repeating: “look how beautiful I am – look how good I am” until someone begins to believe it (like corporate advertising on Linkedin for instance).
  3. PHOTOSHOP: Every means is allowed to project the image of success: filters, Photoshop, invented resumes stuffed with universal values every other sentence.
  4. STORYTELLING: When you’re done with Photoshop, you need to find the story to tell that best suits your “new self”.
  5. FALSE MODESTY: You have to hide the basic mythomania with a little false modesty: “Oh my God, I never thought I’d look like this at 50…”.
  6. SELF-CELEBRATION: Immediately temper false modesty with self-aggrandizement: “but they convinced me that all the sweat and passion I put into what I do (like lifting a kettlebell) deserved to be shared…”
  7. IMPERSONIFICATION: Impersonate an image light years above your own (in fact, I see that Cristiano Ronaldo chose you…).
  8. HIDE THE NEGATIVE POINTS: You cleverly hide your weak points so that people think that even what they can’t see, like your abs, look like the image you compare yourself to.
  9. A CRUEL WORLD: Let it be implied that if the world so far has noticed your alter ego but not you, it is because it is a cruel world and you are just misunderstood.
  10. CALL TO ACTION: “Do you prefer to save a few euros and let the world continue not to notice you or do you want to take a chance by investing in the infallible method that got me “so far”?”

If you have followed the ten rules, the “so far” will be a beautiful place that exists only in the reader’s mind and leads them to buy your offer.

M: Thanks Buddy for this enlightening contribution and keep following me for more valuable advice.