Lord of the Rings

If only these motivational statements weren’t anything but bullshit…

Approaching my fifties, I bought some rings, signed up for a motorcycle course and I’ll be celebrating on the road in the US.

But, remaining a man of the sea, when I had to clear the snow from the windshield of my car in the company parking lot last week, I did it with my bare hands, without thinking about it, and lost my rings.

The next day, while taking my dog out, one of my 9.99€ Hyper U bluetooth headphones fell into a pile of snow where I couldn’t find it.

In both cases I reacted in the same way: swearing in Italian.

Yesterday, a week later, once the snow melted, I first found my rings, then the earphone.

I wonder what difference did my reaction make to get my stuff back and a €9.99 bluetooth earpiece still working after a week under the snow?

None at all.

If you think about it a little bit, you’ll find lots of events, much more important and serious than my rings, where your reaction made no difference at all.

So I say to myself that this sentence is nice to read but unfortunately useless and that it is better to train to get lucky and avoid problems than to keep using the Coué method to solve them.