Gordon’s lesson

In these dialogue from the “Wall Street” movie (1987), is embedded the greatest lesson in communication that you will ever get:

“So, what’s on your mind Kemo Sabe ? Why am I listening to you ? C’mon pal, tell me something I do not know… I already have twenty people who do nothing but share Sinek’s and Branson’s bullshits on social networks, why would I need one more ?”

The lesson is: when addressing someone you must have

  1. Something to say ;
  2. (that is) interesting and unusual for the interlocutor ;
  3. (that is also) true and factual.

Incredible, huh?

The exact opposite of:

  • Business meetings – monologues that interest no one;
  • LinkedIn – corporate ads, self-praise and BS that twist reality;
  • Academic theory – nothingness in a matrix form “…markets in the attractive quadrant are more attractive than those in the non-attractive quadrant… Q.E.D.”

In college I learned what value creation is, thanks to 25 years of experience I now know how to recognize it, but it is this Gordon Gekko’s pitch that taught me to always respect the 3 points without which erudition never evolves into pedagogy.

So, if you want to hear something true that you don’t know yet about value creation in your company, Kemo Sabe, don’t hesitate to contact me.

This is my commitment for 2021.