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Twenty years ago, I left the town where my parents had a small, well-established family business, because this provincial life did not offer opportunities for a brilliant graduate of Bocconi like me.

Since then, I have lived abroad, moved 12 times, shared rooms, slept in extra beds, lived “a dignified life with our corporation” in the most unlikely places, changed friends, rented, bought and sold flats and houses, proving myself: adaptable, agilie and flexibile.

I have had increasing responsibilities in the field of Corporate Finance in leading industries such as chemicals and automotive.

I hold a HEC Master’s degree and I speak 4 languages.

I have also learned the 8 golden rules of change management, the 4 golden rules of business turnaround, the 3 golden rules of developing assertiveness, the 6 golden rules of the true leader, all the profiling techniques of the Behavioural Analysis Unit and the negotiation ones of FBI’s.

If I look back, I say YES!: these great experiences have helped me to achieve my goals, professionally and personally!

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What the fuck got into you 20 years ago?