After the sketchnote, I tried another technique of thought organization that was still unknown to a humble slave of numbers in the Jurassic economy like me: mindmapping.

Contrary to the sketchnote, which has no definite path, in mind mapping it is from a “central thought” that branches out all the other concepts that we want to structure.

The basic requirement is not so much the use of drawings or images (which can, however, make the task easier) as the presence of a sort of tree structure of mental connections.

I tested this with my second great literary failure “Cristiano Ronaldo and Finance explained to my mother-in-law”, whose central reflection was:

“What are the reasons that pushed Juventus in 2018 to buy for 100 million euros an extraordinary athlete but 33 years old and with a net annual salary of 30 million?”

The effort of the exercise lies in the ability to know how to organize one’s own ex ante reflection in order to structure communication in the best possible way.

In this case, it proves to be an extraordinarily effective tool and, if I will be able to use it correctly for my next literary effort, I don’t think you will ever hear from JK Rowling again.