I recently discovered the existence of sketchnoting: a kind of storytelling 2.0, halfway between comic book and written novel that requires a big effort of synthesis.

So I wanted to test myself right away with the sketchnote of my first great literary failure “My American Dream – A road-trip in search of happiness”.

The result is very interesting.

With the help of a few images and in a single slide, you can find the thread of the story and the main messages that took up almost 200 pages of book (which nobody has ever read by the way).

Well, 200 pages to say that I’d like to go back to the United States (and never come back again) may have been excessive, I grant you that, but I find that this tool can also have a place in financial communication.

Eventually, a BusinessPlan is nothing more than a story told by Management, in the form of numbers, which could be much more transparent and accessible with the help of images.

A picture of the Titanic or the guillotine at Place de la Concorde, for example, would make Management’s vision and their action plan immediately clear without the need to question Ebitda or Free Cash-Flow.