Artificial Intelligence: myth or reality ?

I often hear people talk about Artificial Intelligence.
Sometimes in apocalyptic tones, sometimes with enthusiasm.
In any case with the certainty that the revolution has already begun and someone risks missing the train.
My friend Marco says I can’t understand anyway.
That I’ve always lived in the Jurassic (and, on top of that, this year I will be 50…).
In fact, my few experiences as a Jurassic man are not that great.

  • Invoice scanning: for one reason or another, in twenty years I have never seen it replace one single accountant.
  • Job sites: two hundred and fifty pages that should automatically fill in the CV in word or pdf format – there is not one that works. So that, rather than rewrite everything you prefer to remain unemployed for life.
  • Immigration in Dallas: I thought they had put a sea of terminals to replace the policemen, finally free to deal with crime in the streets (after all we are talking about Texas) with the result that the queue to reach the cage of the policeman has been added to the queue to go through the terminals first.

So, to overcome my fears I tested a company at the forefront of this industry, present at an “Industry 4.0” fair, and no less than the Facebook algorithm.

Leading AI company at “Industry 4.0” fair

Stand of a leading Artificial Intelligence company at “Industry 4.0” fair: a sales woman sat next to a colleague holding a laptop on his legs, praising the products of their company.
At each slide, in a tone of voice a little lower than the rest of the presentation, addressing her colleague, she urged him: “next”.
And he, in a completely analogical way, with his little finger on the arrow, moved the presentation forward.
I have thought we are so far ahead with Artificial Intelligence that we have already forgotten the wireless mouse.

The Facebook algorithm

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Juventus fan. More Juventus fan than me isn’t easy.
Maybe my friends Claudio and Marco, who every other day post photos of the triumphs of Juventus on Facebook.
Unfortunately, in the name of a supposed “fairplay” of mine, another friend, supporter of AC Milan, once co-opted me in his group “pagelle rossonere” (“black and red – as per the Milan AC jersey – report”), where every week he comments on the disasters of his favourite team.
Yesterday the Facebook algorithm urged me to invite Claudio and Marco to the group because it said it was a perfect match.
If it is the same algorithm as Tinder’s, please be careful before you give in into the heat of the moment.


So, me, I guess I still am a Jurassic man and you ?