Seven things I have learned writing a book for Kindle Self Publishing

  1. no matter how stupid, useless and boring the topic you have chosen, there is someone in Italy who has found worse: Giulia de Lellis
  2. it is a moment of unparalleled analysis of oneself and the subject matter. As Max Allegri, coach of one of the most successful cycles of the next European football champions, would say, it allows you to “see” things and not just “look at” them
  3. it’s a rush of creative adrenaline, second only to the one the Controller tries when the Shareholders, in a meeting, ask him to explain a negative variation and he doesn’t have the faintest clue
  4. two to three hundred copies sold are a good result: one does not become rich and famous by writing a book but at least it allows him to show off
  5. the ratio copies sold / free copies is 1 to 10. To sell two to three hundred copies you have to offer two or three thousand of them
  6. the ratio “thank you” or at least “yes, yes, I received it… now I don’t really have time to read it, in another life maybe…” / free copies is 1 to 100. Of the two – three thousand free copies, twenty or thirty of those who receive them manage to say “thank you”
  7. the ratio review obtained / (free + sold books) is 1 out of 1000. Having two or three reviews on Amazon, in the end, costs between three and four thousand euros in free copies

Then, thanks from me to “Sandro” to whom I certainly did not send any free copy but who decided to write a nice review of my book on Amazon